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Yes, you can take your child to a chiropractor. My name is Anna, and I work for a chiropractic medical office. Some people believe that children are not good candidates for chiropractic services because they are still growing. This is simply not true. Kids' bodies experience the same kinds of stress and pressure as adults' bodies do, and they can also benefit from the attention a chiropractor can give. This is especially true for children who participate in sports and other physically demanding activities. This blog will help you understand what a chiropractor can do for your child and why you should make an appointment to see one.


Chiropractors For Kids

Chiropractic Interventions For Lower Back Pain Relief

Neil Fuller

Sciatica, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and injuries are among the many causes of lower back pain. After your doctor performs a thorough physical examination which may include x-rays or other imaging tests such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging, they will recommend a treatment plan for you. Here are some safe and effective chiropractic interventions for lower back pain relief that may be a better option for you than prescription pain medications.

Therapeutic Chiropractic Massage Treatments

Chiropractic physicians can perform therapeutic massage for lower back pain relief. Therapeutic massage helps decrease inflammation, promotes a healthy spine, relaxes sore tendons and muscles, and decreases pain. It also helps improve blood flow to injured areas of the back and it helps enhance optimal flexibility. In addition, chiropractic massage may also be used in conjunction with manual spinal manipulation.

Therapeutic massage helps relax the muscles and tendons which can enhance the benefits of a spinal manipulation treatment. In addition to lower back pain relief, therapeutic chiropractic massage can also help promote relaxation. It may also help promote restful sleep patterns, which are often lacking in those suffering from chronic back pain.

Nutritional Intervention Counseling

Another little-known intervention offered by chiropractic physicians is nutritional counseling. Nutritional counseling, when coupled with chiropractic treatments, can enhance your healing, however, nutritional counseling can also be offered as a standalone treatment in the management of lower back pain.

Nutritional intervention may play an important role in decreasing inflammation and pain. Foods such as fatty fish contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and have strong anti-inflammatory benefits which can provide symptomatic relief from arthritic conditions, sciatic nerve pain, and injured muscles.

Your chiropractor may also recommend eating foods high in vitamin D such as low-fat dairy products to further enhance bone health and boost your immunity. Magnesium is another nutrient your chiropractic physician may recommend because it may help relax tight back muscles to improve your flexibility, relieve pain, and hasten your recovery. Many chiropractors also employ nutritionists and dieticians to further help their patients choose nutrient-dense and healing foods to help provide lower back pain relief.

If you suffer from lower back pain, make an appointment with a chiropractic physician to learn about the above treatment options and other viable therapies. The appropriate treatment will not only help reduce your pain and stiffness but may also help relieve pain-related anxiety, depression, and insomnia which is not uncommon in those suffering from chronic and acute pain. 

Reach out to a chiropractor to learn more about lower back pain relief treatment options.