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2 Essential Oils To Help Ease Back Pain Caused By Anxiety

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While anxiety can make it difficult to for you to sleep or concentrate, it can also result in an increased amount of back pain. The back pain is caused because too much stress is placed on the muscles. This can be difficult to deal with when it is time to undergo everyday activities. While pain killers can help to ease the pain temporarily, you may not be a fan of ingesting pills. In order to soothe the pain and avoid taking pain medicine, you can look to essential oils. There are a number of essential oils that are ideal for alleviating muscle stress and soreness. Luckily, there is a guide that can help you choose the right one. Clove and Rose Essential Oil Cloves are always used to treat any type of bodily aches whether it is internal or external. The cloves work incredibly well because they are packed full of analgesic properties. The herb also contains antibacterial properties that are perfect for fighting off skin infection. In order to use cloves, you need to use the essential oil. The essential oil is created by expelling the oil from the cloves. Heat up your favorite carrier oil and add in ten drops of clove oil along with a few drops of rose oil for smell. Mix the oil with your fingertips and massage it into your lower back. It is best to use the oil immediately after taking a shower in order to ensure that it is thoroughly absorbed into your skin. Calendula and Bay Rum Oil Calendula and bay rum oil both contain analgesic properties. They are often combined for use in massage therapy. The oils help to relax the muscles and ease any tightness that may be present. You can purchase both calendula and bay rum oil in your local health foods store. Place about a half of a cup of sweet almond oil in a microwave and heat it up. Add ten drops of both calendula and bay rum oil. Mix the mixture using a spoon and use your hands to work it into your skin. You can use steam to open up your pores before applying the oil. Massage the oil in your back for several minutes at least twice a day in order to get the best result. You should begin to notice a difference in how you feel within a few minutes. Back aches caused by stress can be difficult to fully get rid of. Use these tips to ensure that you are able to get some kind of temporary...

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What Are Some Signs You Need a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist?

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With many musculoskeletal issues, both a chiropractor and a massage therapist can be of value. Here are some criteria to help you distinguish which one you need.  1. You’re Feeling Soft Tissue Pain The first thing to consider is the type of pain that you’re having. If it’s focused on the soft tissue in your body, then there is reason to consult a massage therapist. They can help to extend your range of motion, improve your circulation, and relieve pain through regular relaxation of your muscles. Some forms of massage therapy, such as Thai massage, also include exercises and stretches to strengthen your muscles at the same time.  If, on the other hand, you are experiencing some pain on or near your spine, then a chiropractor is a good idea. They may employ a range of treatments, including massage therapy, to correct issues of the musculoskeletal system.  2. You’ve Sustained Spinal Injuries  Certain types of injury would indicate a trip to the chiropractor right away. For instance, if your injury is from a car or motorcycle accident, then you will need to be checked out for spinal cord damage. Whiplash can be especially hard on the small bones in the back of the neck, so whiplash treatment by a knowledgeable professional is advised. If your injury involves a possible spinal injury, such as a large fall or a fall that has you land on your head, chiropractic care is also advised.  3. Previous Injuries Weren’t Properly Addressed Your overall health and history of injury matters, as well. Regular massage therapy can be a bad idea if you have previous injuries that make you vulnerable to spinal damage. If the massage therapist puts pressure on the wrong area of your back or neck, they may cause unintended damage. Even broken bones or sprains need to be treated with care by a well-educated medical professional. In these cases, a chiropractor will have a better idea of how to protect your bones while delivering needed massage therapy.  Insurance and Payment Options There’s no doubt that massage therapy from a technician can be much more affordable to pay for out of pocket. And for some minor pain and tension, it can be very effective. However, chiropractic care may be covered in its entirety by your medical insurance if you have a specific reason for getting the care. Speak with companies like Contino Chiropractic Center about coverage; they may write you a recommendation that you can file with your insurer to get approval for massage...

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2 Tips For Using Rolfing To Help Treat Your Scoliosis

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If you have been a long time sufferer of scoliosis then you understand the negative effects that the disorder can have on your body. You may often struggle to take deep breaths and maintain a healthy posture. All of these issues occur due to the way that your spine curves. Depending on the type of scoliosis you have, one side may be elongated while the other is more compressed and muscular. In order to help some of these issues, rolfing is often used to help treat scoliosis. Rolfing works to realign and strengthen the tissue around your back. If you are new to rolfing there are a few tips you should consider in order to make the most of the process. Use an Analgesic Bath Soak After a Rolfing Session Rolfing is considered to be a more aggressive form of a deep tissue massage. The technique involves restructuring the tissue and muscles in your body. In order to do this, a rolfer will use their knuckles and fists in order to get a deeper massage. Therefore, your body may feel sore and painful immediately after the procedure is done. However, this pain is considered to be a good form of pain. In order to soothe this pain, you should soak your body in an analgesic bath soak using chamomile or lavender oil. This will help to alleviate any pain until your body heals on its own.  Consider Getting Routine Tune-ups Scoliosis is considered to be a lifelong struggle even if you get surgery to correct or improve your curve. Your rolfer will recommend a number of sessions in order to get noticeable results. Once these sessions are up, the results from the rolfing should remain. However, if you are someone who suffers from a more extreme curve, then you may consider getting regular rolfing tune-ups. These are sessions that are performed every few months to ensure that your tissue still remains aligned and lengthen. More aggressive forms of scoliosis can be difficult to treat with just a few sessions since your body will constantly be readjusting itself. Adding rolfing sessions to your routine will help to maintain this new alignment. Rolfing can be a great solution for treating your issues that are caused by scoliosis. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that you are able to get the best experience from your rolfing sessions. For more information, talk to a...

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Improve Your Healing After A Car Accident With Chiropractic Treatment

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If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be suffering from whiplash. This is caused when the body is stopped abruptly, causing the head to move forward and then backward with force. People who are wearing a seatbelt tend to get whiplash even worse during a car accident, as while the seatbelt prevents the body from thrashing around, the neck is susceptible to harsh movements. If your muscles are stiff and sore after a car accident, treatment with a chiropractor can help shorten your recovery time. Ease Sore Muscles After a car accident, your muscles may feel stiff and sore. Chiropractic treatment does more than simply adjust your spinal column. Through the use of gentle manipulation techniques, your chiropractor will provide traction to areas that are compressed and use massage to loosen up tight muscles. With hot and cold therapies, ultrasound, and stretches to help your body recover, your body will be given some of the tools it needs to heal from tired, sore muscles after a car accident. Treat Various Levels of Injury Whiplash is often more than a simple sore neck. Whiplash can hurt significantly, causing you headaches, neck and back pain, and even difficulty sleeping. If the accident was harsh enough, your whiplash can be severe. The muscles and tendons of your neck and upper back may be badly strained, and it will take time to heal from these injuries. During whiplash cases, it is possible that your neck has also come out of alignment because of the accident. Your chiropractor will take a careful look at your neck, upper back, and lower back to assess your condition. If there are vertebra out of place because of the car accident, your chiropractor will provide a spinal adjustment to get the vertebra back into place. Improve Your Range of Motion When your muscles and ligaments are injured in a car accident, your range of motion may decrease rapidly. It may be difficult to turn your head, or even turn from the waist if your lower back was injured. Through chiropractic techniques, your body will be realigned and your muscles will be given the necessary oxygen they need to heal. Massage techniques help tremendously when muscles are sore, and this will help improve your range of motion. If you have been in a car accident and you don’t want to rely on prescription pain medications, it’s time to call your chiropractor to see how treatments can help you...

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Medication Isn’t The Cure All: Chiropractic Care Can Help

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Chronic pain is nothing shy of an epidemic. Whether you are dealing with neck, back or hip pain, you understand just how problematic this issue can be. Are you trying to treat your pain with medication? If so, you may be going about this issue the wrong way. Medication is not the cure all. In many instances, medication doesn’t resolve the issue, it merely covers up your pain. The Truth About Medication It is important to note that medication is not a bad idea. The better takeaway is the idea that medication is not a solution to every problem. Take a common condition like neck pain, for example. Neck pain can originate for a number of reasons, including a ligament injury, soft tissue damage or strain. None of these concerns can be resolved with prescription medication. At best, you might have a temporary sense of pain relief, but once the medication wears off, you will need to take another dosage to return to a pain-free state. Medication Concerns Relying on medication means that you will have to enter into a cycle of long-term medication use, which can produce a number of other issues, only making matters worse. Depending on what type of medication you are taking, long-term use can actually increase your risk for additional health concerns. For example, some medications increase your cancer risk and even your risk for issues like digestive concerns. If you have significant pain and are taking prescription level pain medication, you might even be at an increased risk of forming a habit, as many opioid-containing pain medications are actually highly addictive. All of these factors only contribute to your health concerns. A Different Solution A better solution for chronic pain is chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is a form of medicine that focuses on natural healing. This method generally involves the use of manipulation and adjustment techniques to heal injuries and restore the body to its normal and healthy state. When compared to medication users, people who undergo chiropractic care don’t have to commit to a long-term cycle of medication use. Many conditions can be resolved in a small number of visits and maintained through a commitment to regular exercise and other healthy lifestyle changes. If you are plagued with chronic pain, don’t look at medication as the only solution. Don’t overlook the concerns of long-term medication use and the benefits of chiropractic care. Contact a local chiropractor for more...

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Taking A Hike This Summer? Make Sure Your Pack Doesn’t Cause Back Pain

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If the arrival of summer for you means that it’s time to load up your hiking pack and head to the nearest national park for a day-long hike, you want to be sure that the weight of the pack won’t leave you with back pain by the time your day is done—especially if you’ve recently been seeing a chiropractor for some adjustments. While you can talk to your chiropractor about your hike during your next appointment and see if he or she has any recommendations for you based on the specific health of your back, here are some tips that can reduce the risk of your backpack leading to pain. Pack Only What You Need  It’s a good idea for hikers to be prepared, but some make the mistake of carrying more than they’ll need on a specific hike in their pack. Think about your approaching outing and assess what you’ll need; changes of clothes, a first-aid kit and other such gear are all valuable, but you might have a few items in your pack that you don’t expect to use. For example, you could be carrying a small stove that you often use on longer hikes, but don’t anticipate using this time. Go through the entire pack and remove all the unnecessary items that add weight. Make Sure The Pack Sits Squarely When you’ve packed what you expect to carry, slip the pack over your shoulders and look at yourself in a full-length mirror. You want to be sure that the two shoulder straps are set at the same length; when this is the case, you’ll be able to see that the pack is sitting square on your back. If it’s lopsided, it would put a strain on one side of your back, which could easily pull the spine out of alignment and send you, in pain, to the chiropractor. If the pack has chest straps, always have them done up. They help to keep the backpack from shifting during the hike. Consider Carrying Poles Many hikers are making the switch to carrying a pair of Nordic poles during their hike. While doing so helps your ability to navigate the trail, it also can lessen the risk of developing back pain. With each step that you take, your poles will absorb some of the impact—and this means that there will be less impact to your back and other joints. They’ll also help to keep you more stable on the trail, which can reduce your risk of a slip or a fall that harms your...

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Can Acupuncture Help With Osteoarthritis Pain?

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There’s no denying that osteoarthritis is a health epidemic. It’s estimated that 27 million Americans currently have osteoarthritis, so if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, treatment options for osteoarthritis are limited, and there’s no sure way of preventing the disease at this time. If you’re currently struggling with osteoarthritis pain in your knees, there may be one treatment method that could potentially help you: acupuncture. How Acupuncture Works Those who study traditional Chinese medicine and those who study western medicine have differing opinions on how acupuncture works. According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture works by channeling helpful energy known as qi to the parts of the body where it’s most needed. In this case, acupuncture would send qi to the knees in order to support their healing process and reduce inflammation and pain. According to western medicine, acupuncture helps by stimulating the body to produce natural pain-killing chemicals that relieve discomfort. However, certain aspects of acupuncture’s efficacy aren’t yet understood by western scientists and doctors. Proof of Efficacy Studies have found that acupuncture can be useful in treating osteoarthritis, particularly if your osteoarthritis affects your knees. In one study, doctors administered acupuncture to patients with osteoarthritis for eight weeks, while two other groups received fewer acupuncture treatments and no acupuncture treatments, respectively. At the end of the eight week trial, they discovered that the patients who had received full acupuncture care had improved pain levels and flexibility in their knees in comparison to those who had received no acupuncture or fewer treatments. Getting Help Acupuncture may be a useful tool for patients struggling with osteoarthritis. However, it should be used as an addition to whatever treatment you’re already seeking for your condition, rather than a replacement. If you’re interested in trying acupuncture, talk to your doctor to see if they have any recommendations. Some doctors are trained to perform acupuncture, so yours may be able to treat you directly. If not, you can rest assured that the person they suggest will have the skill and training you need. If your doctor can’t recommend anyone, search for an acupuncturist, like one at West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, that has received official certification from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. These acupuncturists will have the practice and training to employ safe, effective acupuncture treatments. Until a cure is found for osteoarthritis, sufferers should focus on treating it with every tool available to them. Give acupuncture a try and see if it helps improve your arthritis pain and...

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How Do Chiropractic Services And Massage Work Together?

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While many patients are familiar with the spinal manipulations that are part of chiropractic practice, some still aren’t aware of how the benefits of chiropractic massage therapy can enhance the chiropractic treatment. Here are some of the main benefits of using these services in conjunction.  Taking Care of Muscles and Bones The first thing to note is that while chiropractic treatment often focuses on correcting problems with the bone structure, the muscle groups and bones actually rely on one another heavily to perform their activities. Without strong and healthy muscles to support your bone’s movements, you can be more vulnerable to injuries. Chiropractic massage can help to correct this balance by making sure that your muscles are smooth and healthy, supporting an overall health routine of your musculoskeletal system.  Putting Less Strain On the Spinal Manipulations Another way that chiropractic massage therapy can be helpful is in making chiropractic adjustments easier. When the muscles are relaxed, the doctor will need to put less force on the body in order to complete the spinal adjustment; the bones will be able to slide easily over the muscles. Many chiropractic offices have massage tables as an integral part of their treatments, but getting a full chiropractic massage can aid the process even further.  Easing Pain Spinal manipulations can cause some pain as a natural part of the process. Many chiropractors may recommend tape over the spine to alleviate swelling and pain during the first several visits. But chiropractic massage can also help to ease this pain by relaxing the muscles and pushing toxins out of the muscles.  Lending Itself to Mobility Treatments Another big benefit of chiropractic massage is that it can be utilized for mobility treatments. If you have range of motion issues in your body, regular chiropractic massage appointments can help to relax muscle tension so that your muscles can extend further.  Who Should Get Chiropractic Massage? As you can see, chiropractic massage can have many benefits. Aside from being relaxing, it can act as a great support to regular spinal adjustments. If you are interested in working some massage into your routine, ask your chiropractor if this would be appropriate. It may not be safe for individuals with certain types of spinal injuries. Another thing to consider is that your insurance may have specific requirements for when they will pay for chiropractic massage. Your chiropractor should be able to help you decide if, and how often, you should receive massage as part of your treatments. Contact a company like Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic to learn...

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Tips To Overcome Morning Stiffness

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Do you struggle with stiff and aching muscles in the morning? You may think it is just part of getting older, but that is not the case always the case. Sleep is a time when your body can heal naturally. You should wake feeling refreshed rather than wanting to stay in bed. Here are four tips to help you overcome morning stiffness and get a new lease on life. Tip 1: Understand Why It Happens The first thing to do is find out more about your morning stiffness and why it occurs. If you have just climbed a mountain, for example, your muscles will feel it the next day. This is perfectly normal, but will only be temporary. There are various conditions that can make it harder to get out of bed. Fibromyalgia and arthritis are just two examples. If you know that you have these conditions, a chiropractor may be the best choice for tips specifically for you and your conditions. Pain and stiffness isn’t always due to a medical problem. There are other reasons, including poor posture and your mattress not being supportive enough. Tip 2: Improve Your Exercise Levels If you know that there isn’t a medical condition causing the problem, lack of exercise could be the reason for your morning stiffness. Lack of exercise makes the joints and muscles tighten and lock during sleep. A chiropractor would be a great resource if you want to learn more about exercises that can help overcome morning stiffness. Tip 3: Get a New Mattress Poor support from your mattress will improve the way you wake in the morning. If you have poor support, you will find that muscles and joints lock while you sleep. They are also constantly in work to make sure you are supported in areas, so you don’t actually get a rest on a night. Find a mattress that is sturdy and supports you in the back and neck. This can take some research, but is worthwhile when you get a great night’s sleep and feel refreshed the next day. Tip 4: Lose Some Weight Another common problem is being overweight. While you can’t do anything about this overnight, you can make changes to improve this over time. Doing more exercise and improving your diet will both work well. Being overweight just adds more pressure onto your muscles, so they feel stiff the next morning. You’ll gradually feel the stiffness subside as you lose weight.  It’s important to look after your body. Morning stiffness isn’t a sign of aging, and you can improve it. Make some changes and you will soon banish it for good. Contact a chiropractor for more...

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Three Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself When You Lead A High-Stress Lifestyle

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Stress can lead to a number of negative health effects, including sleep problems, headaches, muscle tension and anxiety. If you lead a high-stress lifestyle, it’s not always possible to get rid of your stressors entirely, as they’re often elements like work and family. What you can do, however, is implement the practices below in order to take better care of yourself and minimize the effects your high-stress lifestyle has on your health. Visit the chiropractor regularly. If there’s one appointment that’s worth setting aside time for, it’s your appointment with the chiropractor. Many people carry their stress in their backs. Their back muscles become tight and clenched, and this contributes to misalignments as the muscles pull the vertebrae out of place. Spinal misalignments can affect every system in your body since they can place pressure on nerves. By having your spine adjusted, you can alleviate some of these effects, including headaches, high blood pressure, and anxiety. Having your spine adjusted also triggers the release of endorphins – your body’s natural stress-relieving hormones. So after your adjustment, you should feel a lot less stressed out. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, try out a company like Bakke Chiropractic Clinic SC. Take the time to eat well. When you’re running from appointment to appointment and you have a million things on your mind, it’s easy to forget to eat – or to turn to fast food instead of a healthy meal. But taking just a few minutes to plan your meals and ensure you eat healthier foods will help reduce the effects of stress on your heart, nervous system, and mind. Try making a whole week’s worth of lunches on Sunday night so that you have everything ready and don’t end up buying an unhealthy lunch in a rush. Keep healthy snacks like apples and granola bars in your car so you can snack while on the go without hitting up the drive thru. Visit a therapist. Therapists are not just for those with mental disorders. Visiting a therapist is also good preventative medicine when you live a very high-stress life. Seeing a therapist every few weeks will allow you to talk about the issues that are causing you stress before they get to the point that they cause you serious problems. It may take a few tries before you find a therapist who is the right match for you. Don’t be afraid to make appointments with a few different therapists before choosing one who feels like the best...

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